This 2004 CD album was created...BECAUSE OF ELVIS.
A very young Jim Vanhollebeke first experienced THE VOICE in 1956. Walking down a street he heard some kid's portable record player blasting from an open garage in some backyard. Jim had never encountered such a sound. He didn't know who the singer was, but for the first time in his life he knew how GOOD music could be! He kept circling back and forth and listening to that record. And that kid in the garage kept spinning the disc over and over. Young Vanhollebeke had just experienced Heartbreak Hotel . And like a million future singers, he would enjoy this and hundreds more Elvis songs year after year. Over and OVER! It was only natural such a tremendous influence would have it's effect as Vanhollebeke's natural music talent evolved into a reflection of Elvis. Today Jim sings the song as he feels it. And, in a manner that he feels it SHOULD be sung. Vanhollebeke loved Presley. Presley taught him to sing. Yes, he sounds like Elvis. How could he NOT?! Elvis changed and influenced music worldwide. After all, a MILLION Elvis fans can't all be wrong!

So ...Jim sings the song ...FEELS the song ...BECAUSE OF ELVIS. King Elvis.
Long live THE KING!
Twenty two great songs were specially chosen for variety and freshness on this special treasury. They’re among our own special favorites PLUS 2 bonus songs that Elvis loved but never got to record himself! Jim Vanhollebeke logged over forty tracks for this album and was forced to whittle that number down to the 22 that we were able to fit in the program.
A very difficult job for Jim. But they ARE superb songs and …

This is what you will hear:

Party, Pledging My Love, Lonely Man, Swing Down Sweet Chariot, First Time Ever I saw Your Face, Solitaire, Patch It Up, Inherit the Wind, Endless Sleep, Fairy Tale, Early Morning Rain, Loves Me Like a Rock, Bosom of Abraham (Rock My Soul), Pieces of my Life, You’ll Never Walk Alone, The Frankfort Special, Hawaiian War Chant, Long Tall Sally/Whole Lotta’ Shakin’ Goin’ On (Medley), It’s Only Love, Johnny B. Goode, Long Lonely Highway, Funny How Time Slips Away

Jim refrains from doing too many of the NUMBER ONE HITS because he feels they have been done SO MANY times on discs of this type (by himself and other tribute artists). In addition he feels the distinctive songs here deserve more recognition.
They truly show the diversity of music that Elvis gave us with his special voice and talent.
And finally …they are just great songs… done in a style that will sound new and yet take you back. Back to Elvis. There will never be another Elvis Presley.
Just reflections.  Some good.  Some bad.  
But this one is one of the best!
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           BECAUSE OF ELVIS  (cov-st-112)
           by Jim Vanhollebeke
           ...a new CD from Canovan Records 2004

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